Global Panel

Reach the world with our Global Panel

Count on GMI’s Global Panel for all your online research needs. Daily panel scrubs, duplicate detection and prevention, and innovative survey methodologies ensure quality datasets.

Your source for global representative sample

GMI maintains a global panel comprised of millions of diverse, high-quality respondents, to provide you the ultimate research solution. Meet all of your online research needs with highly profiled panelists from dozens of countries and around the world. Need a specific market segment? Detailed profiling information allows us to quickly obtain the opinions of your target respondents, even for the most unique specifications, including B2B, IT and health care.
  • Millions of households in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East
  • Top-quality panel recruitment with a strict double-opt-in requirement
  • Extensive use of fraud detection systems at multiple points in the research cycle, from initial registration through survey fielding, and including incentive redemption
  • Dedicated customer service around the clock in your local time zone

Leading the way in panel quality

Panel quality is of the utmost importance to GMI. Our panels are carefully managed and we adhere to strict quality standards. As a result, GMI has become one of the world's leading online global panel providers. Our panelists are highly profiled, very engaged and eager to share their opinions.
  • Sophisticated controls to identify and eliminate low-quality panelists
  • Careful panel management to reduce panelist fatigue
  • Industry-leading incentives to motivate panelists
  • Strict panelist privacy and client confidentiality practices
Learn more about GMI's panel quality.

Rigorous recruitment methods

To ensure valid research results, GMI uses fraud detection, location-verification and proprietary de-duplication technology to block suspicious respondents from joining our panel. Our technology also closely monitors recruitment sources to ensure respondent quality.  

Engaging respondents in innovative ways

GMI excels at reaching and engaging its respondents to significantly reduce quality issues such as straight-lining and survey abandonment. Our GMI Interactive surveys and GMI Mobile surveys deliver higher response rates and ensure thoughtful responses and authentic insights. Learn more.

From U.S.-only to large global studies, GMI consistently delivers on our sample specifications, and does so at very competitive prices.